Another Avista Phone Scam Alert From Post Falls Police and Avista

Another phone scam to alert you about. This is from the Post Falls, Idaho Police Department (please share):

In the past two days, the Post Falls Police Department has responded to four reports of fraud at our local businesses. When an employee of the potential victim business answers the phone, they are told that the caller is from Avista. The suspect caller goes on to tell the employee that the business owes them a certain amount of money and that someone will be by shortly to collect. In an incident today, the caller told the employee that the bill was $200.00 and that an Avista employee would be by in about 20 minutes to collect it.

We have not had any reports of anyone actually showing up to collect the money, but citizens should still be cautious of it. We have called and spoken directly to our local Avista contacts and they have confirmed that this is a scam. It would appear that this scam is nationwide and the number that has been used in our incidents is an (801) area code.

The Post Falls Police Department is urging our local citizens to report these types of scams right away, don’t give out any vital or pertinent information to the callers and as soon as possible, check with your local representative(s) to confirm if the call is valid.

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